Event Invitation Tips

Event Invitations serve as your guest's first impression of your event. The more information you provide to your guests ahead of time on invitations and an event website, the more prepared they will be to enjoy the event with you!

Once you have crafted your invitation and possible event website be certain to have a friend or coworker proofread all the details to insure everything is as accurate as possible.

Event Invitation 101 – The Essential Details

  • Date of Event – Make sure the date is set in stone prior to ordering invitations. 

Pro Tip: Spelling out the month rather that using its numerical value ensures people have the correct date. (i.e. Say “May 6, 2019" rather than "5-6-19.”)

  • Time of Event – Place the exact START time of the event on the invitation. 

Pro Tip: If starting out with appetizers or a cocktail hour of any kind, the dinner time should NOT be included on the invitation. (i.e. If you are inviting guests to a 5pm cocktail hour, the invitation should say “5pm Cocktails, Dinner to Follow.")

  • Name of Guest(s) the Event is Being Held For

  • Event Location (with Address and Building Name if Possible) – Make sure guests know how to get to the venue or residence and if possible include a map with travel directions. If the venue offers more than one building on the premises, ask the venue coordinator what their recommendation would be to get guests to the right location. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to include if your location is indoors or outdoors, so that guests can plan accordingly. If there is an alternative location in the instance of bad weather include that location.

  • RSVP Contact – Be sure to include a cut off date of when you need RSVP’s by (make sure this also coincides with your venue's policy for providing a final guest count) and where or how guests should RSVP (Website, Email Address or Phone Number).

Pro Tip: Do not put “Regrets Only” if you need to provide an accurate count of who is coming to the party to provide to the venue or a caterer.

  • Theme or Dress Code – Be sure to include a theme (if any) and/or dress code (if required) on the invitation so guests can be prepared (i.e. Black Tie Only, A Hawaiian Luau, or Business Casual)

Wedding Registry Tip

Wedding registry information should typically be included on a wedding website, not on your event invitations. Make sure to include any web addresses on the main invitation if you’d like guests to have access to this information. Avoid long, difficult URLs by using a link shortening service such as Bitly.


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