Holiday Beertails (or for the everyday…)

While purists say good beer is meant to be enjoyed straight from the bottle, the adventurous have branched out into a whole new world of flavor possibilities in the form of beer cocktails or beertails. By utilizing the flavor profiles in the beer and the spirit you can harness a whole new dimension of flavor with simple concoctions. We’ve moved beyond the classic Michelada and Beermosa and created some fun, unique combinations for your Fourth of July Weekend!

All the drinks below are crafted using a standard sized bottle/can of beer (draft where available) and a 1.5 oz. floater of the selected spirit.



Red, White & Brew

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy with Smirnoff Red, White & Berry

A spin on the classic Leinenkugel’s do it yourself mixer of Summer Shandy and Berry Weiss the cherry, citrus and blue raspberry flavors in this Smirnoff vodka create an undeniably sessionable, albeit sneaky, summer drink.

The Red, White & Brew is our featured Independence Day drink at the Mountain View, available Friday through Tuesday for just $4!


Cherry Brew Bomb

Samual Adams Cherry Wheat with DeKuyper Michigan Cherry

This beer-centric cherry bomb takes the cherry up a notch with the complimenting flavors working to create a sweet, long-lasting finish. If the cherry is a bit much, a classic vodka addition can instantly (and secretly) tone down the sweetness.



Bell’s Brewery Oberon Ale with Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka

A classic of sorts in the beertail universe – the touch of vanilla works to mellow the wheat flavor while accentuating the orange flavor prevalent in the beer.


Rum Hearted

Bell’s Brewery Two Hearted Ale with RumHaven Coconut Rum Liqueur

For someone who loves the flavor of hops but finds the bitterness to be a touch overwhelming this Coconut water rum infusion tames the bitterness on the nose while allowing the hops to be the star.


Bière Colada

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Bam Bière with CÎROC Summer Colada

A bit of a wildcard, this pairing simply works. The juicy pineapple and coconut cream flavors in the vodka contrast beautifully with the spicy malts and yeasty component of the beer to create a smooth refreshing summer sipper.


Orangie Stout

Saugatuck Brewing Company Neapolitan Milk Stout with Cointreau

A rich milky chocolate covered orange candy in a glass. The Cointreau adds to the chocolate, vanilla, strawberry flavors of the beer while taking the creaminess of the beer to a whole new level.


Your Father’s Apple Pie

Small Town Brewery Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie with Jack Daniels Old No. 7

This addition gives the Apple Pie a bit more of a back-bone per say. While mellow once added, the Jack Daniels provides an oaky flavor reminiscent of a quick barrel age on this malt beverage.


Orange is the New White

Blue Moon Belgian White with New Amsterdam Orange Vodka

Orange flavor is a natural addition the this year-round classic. After all, what’s a Blue Moon Belgian White without an orange wedge?