Hosting a Non-Traditional Affair

Many people look to be different in their event planning; whether it is with the theme or the food offerings, so why not join the club and host a non-traditional affair?

Midweek Graduation Party 

Having a Graduation Party for your child on a weekday evening can provide you with an excuse to take a day off of work and appreciate the final moments with your loved ones prior to your high school graduate “leaving the nest.”

Thursday Night Bridal Shower 

Throwing a shower on a Thursday night can spark an interest in your bridal party and family alike for a time to wine and dine together without clogging up your weekend plans.

Sunday Brunch Wedding

A Sunday Brunch Wedding can offer your guests a more relaxed atmosphere with less expectation of grand entertainment, plus who doesn’t love Mimosa’s and Bloody Marys?

Friday Night Wedding 

Friday weddings can offer you a less expensive price point or food and beverage minimum with a venue; as well as other discounts with potential vendors.

Many experts will share their tricks of the trade by offering advice for booking in the off-season; or on a lesser-desired day of the week to get the venue of your dreams within budget! Likewise, many vendors will provide discounts during these times, as they are not booked as far in advance typically.

Some people would rather have less pressure on them as the host by having a shorter event altogether; or by having an event open-house style, where guests arrive throughout a duration of time instead of altogether at the same time.

With a non-traditional day event guests may have an easier time making a commitment to attend. People are busy on Saturdays especially in the summer, this would ensure guests could enjoy your event without having to rush to the next one.

Entertainment can vary based on event, but some form of music, food and beverages is expected when being invited to an event. If you event contains unique aspects don’t be afraid to spell it out in your invitations. The more your guests know ahead of time, the more prepared they will be to celebrate with you!

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