Where to Start This Engagement Season

Engagement season is here, which means newly engaged couples are starting to plan their wedding day! Our events team took some time to put together some wedding planning tips for when it comes time to pick the perfect venue.

I’m engaged! What do I do first?

  • Put together a guest list of all the people you would like to invite to celebrate with you on your wedding day.
  • Research possible ceremony and reception venues before booking any tours and settling on a specific wedding date.

Pro Tip: Keeping a flexible date may ensure better availability for your dream venue.

Pro Tip: If your ceremony and reception will be at different locations, take the time to map out the logistics for your guests. (i.e. How will they get there and how long will it take?)

  • Set a budget based on the funds you have available and what family members willing to contribute.
  • Schedule a tour of various venues that fit within your budget and vision.

Pro Tip: Call ahead to ensure that someone is available to meet with you and so they can confirm that the spaces you want to tour are available. If you have a specific vision for your wedding make sure the venue can offer this prior to scheduling a tour so that you don’t come away feeling like you wasted your time. (i.e. If only see yourself getting married in a garden, ensure a space like that exists at the venue.)

I've toured a venue. How do I know if the space is for me?

  • Consider if the venue can fit what you are looking for.

Pro Tip: Just because the space has a listed capacity for the amount of people you plan have attending, doesn’t mean it will be comfortable with components you may wish to add to your celebration.

  • Consider if the venue aligns with your vision or vibe for the event.
  • Consider what the venue offers and what you will need to provide on your own.

Pro Tip: Some venues offer an on-site coordinator to assist you once you get to the venue. They will usually set up your wedding and solve any issues that may arise. However, since they don’t offer a full range of services it is important to determine what they are responsible for and whether you want to hire additional outside help.


We invite you to explore our venues and menus to see if we might be the perfect setting. To check availability and schedule a tour complete an event request or give one of our coordinators a call at 989.781.6789. 


Photo Credit: Enjoy the View Photography